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Website Designing

Experience the most creative website designs for your website, customized according to your needs by our web designers. Be it a Wordpress site or Shopify website, we bring you everything under one place!

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Shopify Development

If you are planning to kick-start your dream of an online store, the first thing you need to do is develop an attractive e-commerce website. Our Shopify experts at MeroxIO will guide you to build the perfect e-commerce website for your dream come true.

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Digital Marketing

MeroxIO digital marketing experts are at your rescue for all digital marketing problems, providing with smart digital marketing strategies, social media marketing strategies and content strategies for your product to be a global name.

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Speed Optimization

Your page ranking among the top Search Engine Result Page is highly dependent on how fast your website loads.If your website contains too much of comments, space, punctuation which are not necessary for an effective portrayal of your products.

Benefits Of Ecommerce Development

Electronic Commerce is now quite a familiar term amongst all budding entrepreneurs who wants to grow in this digital world. If you are looking for hands to shape your dream of building an e-commerce website which is professional as well as user friendly, then you are in the best place. Because our Shopify experts, digital marketing experts and web developers are the royal combinations to get you one step closer to your destination. Why should you go for e-commerce applications?

This is because...

  1. You do not have to invest a lot of capital to start your digital store through an e-commerce website. Thus, providing with low operation cost.

  2. Customers make your business grow or fall. A user friendly and attractive e-commerce website provides you with a huge customer base

  3. People now-a-days are over the trend for everything online. Because, why not, when you can save some time by getting your entire important things done just by a click. Customer convenience is what e-commerce application gifts you.

  4. With a well designed e-commerce website which is SEO optimized as well as provides speed optimization along with well planned digital marketing strategies to compete in this digital world, it is easier to enter into the market and put your mark in the digital world.

shopify page optimization

Start your e-commerce adventure by using the Dropshipping model of E-commerce With Shopify wherein all your crucial tasks for starting sell online will be the dropshipper’s job and you can just relax and create better strategies for promoting the sell-ability of your product or service. This approach has got some solid perks...

  1. You don’t need to invest lots of dollar in setting up an inventory for your eCommerce website.
  2. Get rid of accounting to inventories, packing and shipping your orders, paying to a warehouse or managing stock level. Because these tasks are done by the dropshipper on your behalf.
  3. Grab your computer and a stable internet connection and there you go to start and manage your business from any location!
  4. Shopify Dropshipping gives you the option of advertising a huge array of products
  5. Scaling up your business becomes faster when you can rely on a third party for accomplishing your additional tasks
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Digital Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization

Make your website appear along with all your competitor by creating SEO friendly websites. Search Engine Optimization can be done with numerous tools available. To remove an URL from the Google Index.

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Social Media marketing

Popularize your product or service among all social handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc to increase your product exposure and helping you create a wider customer base.

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Email Campaigns

Email being one of the first forms of social media is a strong platform for marketing products and services by reaching a hundred million customers by email marketing.

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Google Ad-Words

Advertising online becomes a bit more convenient with tools such as Google Ad-Words because now Google takes a step forward to make your product reach million hearts

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Facebook Campaigns

Out of every 10 people we meet, the possibility is we will find 10 of them on Facebook! With attractive ad campaigns in Facebook, your product will be in notice of every smallest company in the community.

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SMS Campaigns

With smart digital marketing strategies, no one wants to miss even a single customer. With SMS campaign, it ensures your product is marketed in every way possible.

Explore new markets

Find new customers

It is a fact that businesses that have a website grow twice as fast as businesses that don’t have a website.
SEO will help you gain better rankings in search engine result pages and this translates to more targeted visits and essentially to more customers.


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