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Already planned your e-commerce website for your online store? Ready with the entire product catalogs and details? Then, you are just one step away from making a bang on entry into the e-commerce market! Proper designs, well marketing strategies are an important aspect of e-commerce website. Along with that it also matters how swift your website is in the list of search engines. That is when Search Engine Optimization comes into the picture and adds the cherry to the cake! Search Engine Optimization can be done with numerous tools available. MeroxIO also provides you services with SEO enabled e-commerce websites. Now, before moving on to the other features of what SEO is and how it helps in your online business, let us look at an easy example which gives a better insight into the deal!

When a user types some query or some word or anything in the box given at the search engine interface, say Google or Yahoo or Bing, the query goes to a master sitting at the Search Engine Server and it looks for all relevant words it has in its dictionary. Then it returns all the information gathered in binary format which is then returned to us as search engine result page (SERP). Here is the catch! If you want your website to come among the top pages, certain optimization needs to be done which makes your website appear at the top rank in the Search Engine dictionary.


Our experts at MeroxIO have already optimized uncountable number of E-commerce websites. This SEO enabled websites must undergo two categories of optimization; On-page and Off-page optimization. On-page SEO deals with optimizing each web page of the website so that the webpage as whole ranks higher and grabs relevant traffic as well.

Google Webmaster for On-page SEO

1. Webmaster by Google is an On-page optimization tool for SEO of most e-commerce websites. It is essential to have optimized tags and unique Meta descriptions and webmaster does exactly the same.
2. To optimize a webpage essentially requires the correct use of content keywords. Webmaster tool tells us how Google sees your website under the Google Index 3. To remove an URL from the Google Index, Webmaster is the rescuer.
4. Webmaster tool helps in faster On-page SEO by providing adequate analysis and reduced time as well!
And Off-page SEO is basically done exterior to the website; these optimizations done outside the website are done to achieve the same goal, get a higher rank in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
5. Adding backlinks to a webpage is the primary task in an Off-page SEO. Because adding more number of backlinks is essential for attracting potential traffic to the website.