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Facebook, as we all know, is the most talked about social media platform where we can find hundreds of connections from one person. Why not use this advantage for your e-commerce business as well?! Because out of all other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram or emails, Facebook stands out to be best choice to connect to a larger customer base and target potential audience.

Not only social connections, Facebook Business helps in establishing promising career in ecommerce marketing as well. Facebook marketing should start with ad campaigns because campaigns are the foundation of the ad. Each Facebook campaign should have the following basic essentials:

1. Campaign

2. Ad set

3. Ad


For all your queries related to Facebook Campaigning, MeroxIO social media managers and marketing experts are ever ready to help you. We offer our services in a very flexible and modular manner...

1. Decide a campaign objective according to our clients requirements because without a proper objective, there is no way to step forward.

2. Create an ad set; Ad set basically builds the customer base by various filters such as age, gender, location etc.

3. After a campaign objective and ad set, it is the time for the heroic component of a Facebook campaign- the ad! The ad is what the client’s audience will see. With relatable images, videos and competent information about the ad, the ad is ready to be published

4. Facebook Ad managers are the pioneer for running ads on Facebook and this tool helps create, manage and update ads on Facebook.

5. Facebook Ad manager keeps a track of the ads which are created and gives a periodic analysis of how well the campaigns are going
When you have the experts at feat in MeroxIO, get the best Facebook campaigns designed for your business and earn your most valuable asset, Customers!